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Tips for weight loss: Samosa, a delicious street dish, is an international favorite that is perfect for both big occasions and evening teatime chats. As much as we enjoy eating samosa every other day, the ingredients and method of preparation make it a harmful snack. Persons aiming to lose weight should avoid samosas due to their high carbohydrate and trans fat content. However, samosa enthusiasts can always find a healthier alternative to the snack.You can play around with various ingredients and cooking ways to make your favorite snack less terrible.

“Samosa, a classic delicacy from the Indian subcontinent, is renowned for its excellent crispy shell and flavorful inside. However, conventional deep-fried samosas may not necessarily be suitable with weight loss goals. Fortunately, with a few changes and innovative methods, you may enjoy this delectable dessert without jeopardizing your progress,” explains Nutritionist Sakshi Lalwani.

Tips for Weight loss with Samosa:

1. Choose baking or air frying.

Deep-frying samosas increases their fat and calorie content significantly. Baking or air-frying allows you to significantly reduce calorie and fat levels while conserving a crispy finish. Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C) and bake until brown, or cook in an air fryer according to the manufacturer’s directions.

2. Try out new fillings

The basic potato and pea mixture is delicious, but it can be high in carbs. Use lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, or tofu to boost your protein intake. You may also include more vegetables, such as spinach, bell peppers, and carrots, to boost the fiber and health benefits. 

3. Whole grain wraps

Instead of conventional refined flour (maida) wrappers, use whole grain or whole wheat wrappers. They include more fiber, which assists digestion, keeps you full for longer, and is more compatible with weight loss goals.

4. Mindful servings

Samosas may be rather filling, so try preparing smaller, bite-sized versions. This allows you to have better control over your quantities while still engaging in a couple of treats without exceeding your calorie limit. Consider them mini samosas’ that provide all the flavor in a controlled serving.

5. Serve with nutritious side dishes.

Instead of thick tamarind chutney or creamy dips, serve samosas with healthful sides like mint chutney, yogurt dips, or a fresh salad. These sides not only improve the flavor but also supply additional nutrients without adding calories.


Finally, with a few changes to the cooking and ingredient selection, samosas can still play a role in your weight loss quest. It’s all about balance, control of calories, and making healthy choices that don’t sacrifice taste. Eat your samosas guilt-free.

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